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ICS05 Conference Committee

General Chair:
Arvind, MIT

Program Chair:
Larry Rudolph, MIT

Program Committee:
Boon Ang (HP)
Derek Chiou (Texas)
Bilardi Gianfranco (University of Padua)
Wong Weng Fai (National University of Singapore)
Dror Feitelson (Hebrew University)
James Hoe (CMU)
Burkhard Monien (Paderborn)
Fabrizio Petrini (Los Alamos)
Keshav Pingali (Cornell)
Larry Rudolph (MIT)
Ahmed Sameh (Purdue)
Vijay Saraswat (IBM)
Uwe Schwiegelshohn (University of Dortmund)
Xiaowei Shen (IBM)
Allan Snavely (UC San Diego)
Marc Snir (University of Illinois)
Per Stenstrom (Chalmers)
Guy Steele (Sun)
Alan Sussman (University of Maryland)
Albert Zomaya (University of Sidney)

Finance Chair:
Derek Chiou, UTexas - Austin

Publicity Chair:
Steve Heller, Sun Microsystems

Local Arrangements Chair:
Sally Lee, MIT

Submission Instructions

Submission Deadlines

Abstract Submission Deadline: February 15, 2005 at 5:59PM PST (USA)
Paper Submission Deadline: February 22, 2005 at 11:59PM EST (USA)

A week's extension has already been granted (to Feb. 22). There will be no further extensions.

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstracts should be short, not extended.

  • Abstracts will be used for preliminary reviewer assignment.

Submission Details

  • Papers must be submitted in PDF format (readable by Adobe AcrobatReader 4.0 and higher) and formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper.

  • Papers should be formatted in one of two manners:
    • Manuscript: Single column, ten-point font, double spacing, up to 20 pages, including figures, tables, references, etc.
    • Final: Double column, ten-point font, single spacing, up to 12 pages, including figures, tables, references, etc.

    Papers that grossly exceed this limit will be rejected by the Program Chair without further review.

  • Authors should make reasonable effort to hide their identity, to facilitate blind review. Citations to the authors' own prior work should be included, but referred to in the third person. Acknowlegements should be omitted. Other identifying references should be removed to the extent possible.

  • Authors must submit abstracts and papers electronically by the deadlines above using the server at:

Conflicts of Interest

Don't forget to list conflict of interests with all potential ICS reviewers and especially with respect to the Program Chair and Program Committee members. In particular, for all co-authors, please declare a conflict on interest with:

  • Your Ph.D. advisor and Ph.D. students forever.
  • Family relations by blood or marriage forever
    (if they might be potential ICS reviewers).
  • People with whom you collaborated with in the last FIVE years. Collaborators include co-authors on an accepted/rejected/pending research paper, co-PIs on an accepted/rejected/pending grant, funders of you research, and researcher who you fund. You many exclude "service" collaborations like writing CSTB report or serving on a program committee together.
  • People who shared your primary institution in the last FIVE years.
  • Others with whom you believe a conflict of interest exists.

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